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I have just finished a Manning Book titled “jQuery in Action”. I am here just to share my opinion with you about this book.

Really, it gives me a good starting point in jQuery commands and utility functions. Also, it demonstrated many practical examples to test the core API of jQuery. So, I think it is a good start for beginners who need to know what is the jQuery?!

Also, it gives me a very high level of the plugin capability in jQuery and introduced me with some famous plugins like forms plugin, UI plugin,  Live query plugin, and dimension plugin.

But IMHO, I think it is just suitable to give you highlights about the core API of jQuery and it doesn’t stand as a jQuery reference at all. So, if you  are expecting when you read this book to be a jQuery guru then you are wrong.

Also, I have missed practical examples on the interaction of jQuery with ASP.NET and how we can use them efficiently together. The book didn’t mention ASP.NET altogether because it is focusing on the core API.

So, it is a very basic jQuery book in my opinion suitable to learn how to write jQuery scripts and some basic concepts to give you a starting point to read more advanced materials.


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